New Release: 3050 Mono Power Amplifier

For nearly 30 years, Boulder has been exceeding expectations in amplifier technology and performance. Today we are pleased to announce the official release of the 3050 Mono Power Amplifier, at 1,500 watts the most powerful and advanced amplifier in our history and quite possibly the finest power amplifier the audio world has ever seen.

The 3050 reduces distortion to vanishing levels with a host of new engineering developments.

The 3050 is the ultimate audio amplifier with an abundant reserve of power. It can produce 1,500 watts of continuous power into any load. Peak output power is a staggering 6,000 watts. 5 encapsulated toroidal transformers, 48 filter capacitors and 120 bipolar output devices make certain that voltage headroom is more than adequate, current delivery is instantaneous, damping is optimized and control of every driver in the loudspeaker is idealized.

The amplifiers’ aesthetics are a dramatic step forward in audio component design. Nowhere does the casework terminate in a 90-degree angle and no assembly screws are visible. And because every piece of metalwork is carved from a single block of aluminum dedicated to each finished unit, the amplifiers’ left and right chassis do not share any common exterior parts. Even the power buttons and LED indicators are new creations. Not easy. But exceptional.

A new, fully discrete, surface-mount gain stage evolved from Boulder’s own renowned 993 features prominently in the 3050, dubbed the 99H (“H” for “high voltage”), to raise the dynamic headroom of the gain stage to unprecedented levels. All 99H circuitry is sealed in a beautifully machined, textured and heatsunk housing before being potted with a proprietary mineral and epoxy resin.

Every critical audio circuit board in the new 3050 is framed in an innovative, custom machined, aerospace-grade aluminum housing rather than screwed to a plate. Vibration damping material is then sandwiched between the circuit board and the frame in order to eliminate even the tiniest mechanical resonances that could have any possible effect on the clarity of the musical signal.

Because of the tremendous weight of each 3050 (380 lbs./172 kg), every unit is shipped with a stable platform of alternating layers of black granite and polished stainless steel that is custom cut to the angles and dimensions of each chassis. This is no longer just an audio component, but art on a pedestal.

To learn more about the Boulder 3050, click here.

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