Product Release: 812 DAC, Preamplifier and Headphone Amp

We are very excited to announce the official release of the 812 DAC, preamplifier, headphone amplifier!
The 812 is perhaps the highest value product Boulder has ever produced. So many features and functions are made possible by clever circuit design and packaging. As a starting point for your high-performance system or a great addition, it can be used as a DAC, a balanced preamplifier, or a headphone amplifier. Now you don’t have to choose individual products for these three functions. You can easily fit an 812 into your existing system and configure it as your system changes and grows.
For more info on the 812 here is the link to the 812 page on our website, click here.
Be sure to ask your local dealer or distributor for availability or more information on the 812. If you have questions for us email
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