DAC Preamplifier (Coming Soon)

(Coming soon)

All information and Specs are preliminary.


  • Sophisticated headphone amplifier built-in with adjustable sensitivity.

  • Streaming capabilities, Roon endpoint, UPnP playback.

  • A software-enabled fixed DAC out option.

  • A dedicated Boulder app controls the 812 and makes custom setup adjustments.

  • Volume knob and chassis machined in-house. All boards and parts assembled under one roof in the foothills of Colorado.


DAC Preamplifier (Coming Soon)
  • Connections (Front)

    •4-Pin XLR Headphone Connector
    •1/8” Headphone Connector
    •1/4” Headphone Connector
    •Pentacon Headphone Connector

  • Connections (Back)

    •2 Pair XLR Analog Inputs
    •1 Pair XLR Preamplifier Output
    •4x USB Host
    •2 Optical Digital Inputs
    •Coaxial (RCA, SPDIF) Digital Input

  • Software Features

    •Based on 866 DSP Filter and DAC topology
    •Configurable Headphone Sensitivity
    •Available Fixed DAC out
    •HTML Programming
    •Control through Boulder Controller App
    •Input Trim

  • Hardware Features

    •Switch Between Headphone and Preamp Outputs
    •Volume Knob & Chassis Machined In House
    •100 db Optically Encoded Volume Control
    •Innovative Protection Circuits

  • Dimensions

    12”x12”x 3.5”

  • Weight

    14 lbs