Stereo Power Amplifier

There are projects like the Boulder 3060 Stereo Amplifier that contradict conventions and redefine striving for perfection. Attempts are made to push the boundaries of what is thought to be possible. These projects involve countless hours of research, experimentation, and hard work, with each step along the way creating small improvements. When accumulated, each of these small improvements mean big leaps forward. They embody the concept of what it takes to be the very best and the results are breathtaking.

Just like the Boulder 3060.


  • Production of the 3060 is extremely limited and every unit is built to order

  • All assemblies are completely designed, manufactured and hand-assembled at our facility in Louisville, Colorado

  • 900W per channel power output into any loudspeaker load

  • Each amplifier is shipped with a machined aluminum and polished stainless steel base that is cut to match the footprint and casework angles of the amplifier

  • Contains four (two per channel) of Boulder's highest performing gain stage, the 99H

  • Bias operation is Class-A to full rated output power and managed with an analog circuit that minimizes heat and power consumption

  • 60 bipolar output transistors per channel mean unmatched control of any loudspeaker system

  • 48 massive filter capacitors are part of an ultra-responsive, low-impedance power supply

  • Five power transformers, housed in machined cases and potted to absolutely eliminate any noise, vibration or hum


Stereo Power Amplifier
  • Peak Power, 8 Ohms


  • Peak Power, 4 Ohms


  • Peak Power, 2 Ohms


  • THD, 8 Ohms, 900W

    20-2 kHz: 0.0006%, 20 kHz: 0.0025%

  • THD, 4 Ohms, 900W

    20-2 kHz: 0.0008%, 20 kHz: 0.0030%

  • THD, 2 Ohms, 900W

    20-2 kHz: 0.0012%, 20 kHz: 0.0045%

  • Equivalent Input Noise (EIN), 20kHz BW

    1.5 μV

  • Magnitude Response, 20 to 20KHz

    +0.00, -0.04 dB

  • Magnitude Response, -3dB at

    0.015 Hz, 200 kHz

  • Voltage Gain


  • Input Impedance

    Balanced: 200KΩ,
    Unbalanced: 100KΩ

  • Common Mode Rejection (Balanced only)

    60 Hz: 90dB,
    10 kHz: 70dB

  • Inputs

    3-pin balanced (XLR)

  • Output Connectors

    2 sets of 6 mm / .250 inch wingscrews

  • Power Requirements

    220-240 VAC
    50-60 Hz, 300W nominal, 6000W at maximum output

  • Weight

    Amplifier: 355 lbs. (161 kg),
    Base: 86 lbs. (39 kg),
    Shipping: 563 lbs. (256 kg)

  • Amplifier Topology

    Pure Class A to full rated output