New Release: 3010 Preamplifier

Boulder is very excited to announce the release of the 3010 Preamplifier, our highest performing preamp and the natural mate to the 3000 Series amplifiers.

The 3010 took approximately three years to complete and features four independent chassis: left analog, right analog, logic and user interface, and power supply.  A number of new and innovative controls have also been developed, including Soft mode: a variable attenuation setting activated at the press of a button to temporarily drop the volume, and Blend mode which takes a fully separated stereo presentation and incrementally converts it to mono in 16 discrete steps in order to generate a center image from hard-panned instruments or gain stable images from mono LPs played back with stereo phono cartridges.  The large LDC display shows the status of all functions in real-time as well as the currently programmed audio path.  All three outputs can be controlled independently and an HTML option and setup page is available for 3010s that are connected to an active network.  The 3010 is also the first preamp from Boulder to offer full IP control integration.

For further information about the 3010, please contact your nearest Boulder dealer or distributor or email the factory via our contact page.

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