Boulder Earns Two Audio Oasis Awards

Boulder's Audio Oasis Award for their demonstration room at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

The 2019 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is over.  When all of the guests had gone home, all of the gear was packed up and returned to the factory, and all of the records were put away, Boulder earned two Audio Oasis Awards from Positive Feedback Online magazine.  The sound quality was excellent in each of the rooms where our equipment was featured.

The first room was our own, with a system using the 1110 Preamplifier, 1160 Amplifier, 2108 Phono Preamplifier, and 2120 D/A Converter, and various other components from associated manufacturers, plus our dealer in Denver, Soundings Fine Audio Video.

The second room belonged to Innuos.  Our new 1161 Amplifier powered the system with a selection of electronics and loudspeakers from around Colorado.

Boulder would like to thank everyone for helping us earn our two Audio Oasis Awards!

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