866 Integrated by French Magazine Haute Fidelite

Haute Fidelite, Boulder 866 front cover


An incredible 866 Integrated review by renowned French Magazine Haute Fidelite! We were also awarded the prestigious Reference certification which is usually only awarded to products at $35,000+. Thank you very much.


A few excerpts from the review (thanks to Google Translate)
“The Boulder 866 is unquestionably on the podium of the best integrated on the current market. Developed from the same technical bases and concepts as the manufacturer’s major electronics, it provides high-performance listening. Made in the pure Boulder tradition, musical in the purest Boulder tradition. Recommended.”
“By connecting the 866 with DAC to the home network, the Boulder Integrated becomes the strategic center of a world-class system. network as well as a QR code gathering this information. Then, with a smartphone connected via WiFi to the same network as the 866, scan this QR code for it to take control of the device.”
“The 866 is doing well in the footsteps of the 1100s tested a few months ago. The music is reproduced without any sense of urgency, without exaggerated liveliness, everythig is in place in a liberated sound atmosphere. The integrated Boulder renders the first octaves with a satisfying firmness and feel.”
“Quality / price ratio: Boulder’s gamble of designing electronics at a very reasonable price while retaining the brand’s DNA seems to us to have been largely won. The version with DAC, more complete than the purely analog version, seems to us much more desirable because it is designed as a coherent whole. In both cases, the price remains substantial but given the quality of manufacture and design of the product, it seems logical and all the more justifiable that the 866 with its DAC approved and certified by Roon Labs is placed at the head and legs of a high-end, high-definition ultra-minimalist system. And we can fully control it from a simple smartphone …”
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