1110 and 1160 are the Top of the World in France


Haute Fidélité, France’s leading audio magazine, has published the first review of a Boulder product in more than 15 years.  It was worth the wait.  The review of the 1110 and 1160 comes in at a total of 9 pages and is one of the most positive reviews we’ve ever received.  Here’s a summary of the conclusion at the end of the review: Under the code names 1110 and 1160 are two of the best electronic devices on the planet. Manufactured with a truly breathtaking care, these out-of-the-ordinary Boulders embark on proprietary solutions directly derived from the brand’s flagship models. Inserted into any system, the 1110 and the 1160 will transcend the emotional potential by reducing the gap that separates the virtual from reality. They are not frankly given and therefore will only concern a particularly affluent fringe of music lovers. Unfortunately, this is the price to pay for such an exclusive and outstanding performance. Musical summit!”  The magazine has also adopted them as their electronic reference pieces.

To read the complete review in French, please click here.

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