1050 Front 1050 Rear

1050 Mono Power Amplifier:

“In a business where some high-end equipment leaves its 'bling' at the front
panel, Boulder has the kind of internal design quality and aesthetics that earn the
respect even of those familiar with the best milspec and aerospace electronics.
Fortunately, the sound quality is equally good.”

Modern loudspeakers can be difficult loads, quite often demanding high
levels of power and damping to achieve realistic sound levels. Even at
moderate levels, absolute control of the loudspeaker’s drivers is the
difference between simple background music and a captivating
performance that makes you to stop and listen. At Boulder we’ve been
providing this experience for over a quarter century. Our history includes
amplifiers that were used when capturing some of the most impassioned
recordings ever made, so we know a thing or two about flawless audio
reproduction. We also know that giving the 1050 Mono Amplifiers more
than enough power to rein in and master even the most challenging
loudspeakers is the only way to bring these recordings to life in your home.

From the very beginning it was understood that low noise and the
elimination of distortion were the primary goals in the 1050 design
specification. Starting with the instrumentation-style input section,
everything is handled in the balanced domain. From there the delicate
music signal is handed off to Boulder’s own 983 voltage gain stage for the
first round of amplification, the 983 having its roots firmly planted in the
renowned and fully discrete 993 gain stage used exclusively in our 2000
Series products.

The second stage of amplification has been refined over decades of
performance amplifier design: The output section of the 1050 is where
massive energy is not only translated into command and control but also
into subtlety and delicacy. A whopping fifty-six output transistors and
forty-eight power supply capacitors work together to give you
incomparable power and transparency. Of course, having this kind of
power available requires sophisticated protection circuits incorporating
Boulder Link to keep everything running smoothly. The best way to ensure
peace of mind is to keep reliability problems out of mind.

All of these features and more are enclosed in Boulder’s typically
handsome and precision manufactured casework, making the 1050s a
work of art for the eyes as well as your ears.




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